Sebastian Hughes

Captain Barry Sadler - Harbour Pilot - Wight

Captain Barry Sadler works in the Port of Southampton as a harbour pilot. His role is to safely guide the many shipping vessels, (anything longer than 61m), into and out of the port, up to 4 a day.

Barry has a unique responsibility during the summer months, working alongside the hosts of Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight – he has to ensure that one of the longest running and most world renowned regattas can proceed safely, whilst also keeping this busy working port moving.

For Captain Sadler, The Shipping Forecast summarises the information he needs to pass on to those steering these huge vessels and to gauge how many tugs may be needed to guarantee their safe transit through these busy shipping lanes and to forewarn them of  what is in store for them further down the Channel, in the areas of Portland and Plymouth. 

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