Sebastian Hughes

Emily Penn - Skipper - Fitzroy

I met Emily Penn, Co-Founder and Mission Director of eXXpedition, (a Community Interest Company and not-for-profit organisation that runs pioneering all-female sailing research expeditions at sea to investigate the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution), on the banks of the Thames near her home in Richmond.  On her latest voyage, Emily skippered a vessel through the waters of Fitzroy, just off the northwest tip of Spain to the Azores. The trip was the first leg of a round-the-world expedition which unfortunately got cut short by the global pandemic - but eXXpedition continues with smaller adventures until the group are ready to explore further afield again soon.

Captaining her all female crew and safeguarding them and the expedition boat requires a sound knowledge of what the sea may throw up and though her boats are equipped with the latest technology and equipment the comparatively analogue Shipping Forecast is a re-assuring precursor to setting sail.

You can find more information on eXXpedition, its voyages and important scientific work studying plastic pollution and its impact on the seas here.

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